InCD Help - file changes using xcopy and DATE switch



Hi All,

I have changed from DirectCD 5 to InCD4 for packet-writing use due to getting a new burner and also not liking DirectCD. InCD seems to work fine except for one problem - I use packet writing to back up files using a .bat script and the xcopy command. This way I can backup files that have only been added or changed using the xcopy /d (DATE) command, which only copies files newer than time of copy. However, on installing and trying InCD, I have discovered that it will not work in this method. It does not seem to know what’s old or new when I do a copy and appears to do a (near) full backup everytime when it should only be doing what files have been changed or added (incremental).

Can anyone offer advice or assistance? I’ve tried a few things but it seems pretty stuck in it’s ways. DirectCD must’ve done things differently as it worked fine using it this method. Looks like I might have to revert back if no one has any ideas…

Cheers in advance for any replies.



Before installing InCD, did you run any roxiozap tools to remove DirectCD drivers? Also, did you try our Nero cleantool? both of these tools may help clear complications before you install InCD on your computer.


Yes, I did a thorough clean of my system after I uninstalled Roxio. I did a registry clean and saw the Roxio entries getting zapped. No, I didn’t use any Roxio tools to do this though, I just used my own regcleaner tool and made sure all Roxio folders were gone too. I should say, InCD seems to work fine but maybe it’s just the way the INCDFS is designed? It could be that xcopy can’t recognise the date of a file written via packet writing, which is a pity. DirectCD must differ somehow, perhaps in the UDF version or write-method. I havent been able to get any further info on it and am looking at DirectCD again. I did give NeroBackItUp v1.2.0.5 a go but ran into bugs with that software and didn’t like some aspects.


“squashie” we need your PC operating system info and the CD-RW or DVD-RW Make and Model, also do you know which Firmware you have currently on your burner ? :slight_smile:

InCD does have it’s problems, however most are Hardware and firmware related.

Other issue is the correct version of nero i.e. you must have full version to be able to use it on a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive if it was not part of the burner purchase. Sounds like your case scenario which came with CD Creator and DirectCD software from the manufacturer (OEM specific for this Burner)

Besides clearing the Roxio from the hard drive (all folders) and Registry, did you also un-install the Packet software ? that the Raxio installed - as this will cause the InCD related problems also.

Try InCD35240.exe in windows 98 or the latest InCD- in Windows XP – just run upgrade over the top of what you have installed. Early versions of InCD 4 had problems in all OS’s! particularly in w98.

Just a couple of directions to look at. :wink:



Hi, my OS is Windows XP SP2 running with a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B (Samsung H552B) burner. I have the purchased full version of NERO installed, rather than the Express OEM that came with the burner. I had been using the Roxio Platnium 5.3.1 SP4 version of DirectCD but since I upgraded my burner, I thought I’d move to InCD as I didn’t really like DirectCD and thought using NERO exclusively would be the way to go.
I had previously downloaded the upgrade for InCD before posting-it is installed. I have not yet updated my NERO to though.
When I unistalled Roxio all I did was use the uninstall (add/remove) and then run a regcleaner looking for dead entries (which I noticed picked up alot of CDCreator/Adaptec type entires). What is the procedure to uninstall the packet driver that Roxio installs?

I am beginning to dislike packet writing software (always have really) but I use it to do easy backups at least once a day, sometimes more. Thats why I use the xcopy and /DATE command so I can only backup what files changed since the last time. I gave NERO BackItUp a trial and hit some major bugs (Note to NERO techies: BackItUp consistantly crashes on restore when choosing an alternate restore path dir!) On top of that, it’s not as easy as my xcopy scripts and packet writing.

Thanks for your help…


Just to let anyone reading this in the future know the outcome, I had no joy in getting InCD to work with regard to what I wanted to do (i.e. use backup batch scripts and the xcopy command for incrementals). Therefore, knowing that DirectCD is a piece of garbage, I decided to uninstall both packet-writers and give it up altogether. I am now doing a traditional backup using Nero BackItUp which needs some work to iron out bugs but seems to do a half-decent job.


I read you said neither InCD nor DirectCD would work for you. I found out through google and a few sites that there was a free UDF prog released by a few manufacturers (mainly IBM). One website said that while it will probably tell you that its only for IBM drives, go ahead and ignore the warnings and try it anyway and it should work for just about any drive.

Here is the ftp link if you want to try it.


Seems you just need a syncronization program. I have used one called FileSync and also the one built into PowerDesk for doing incremental backup to DVD-RAM via InCD. I imagine there are likely freebees available too.


In the Past I have used InCD, DirectCD, MountRainer, FileCD etc etc…Got so many CDRWs with all these different Formats on that I had n Got Nothing but PROBS with em…Now I got NON of em in my System…n All my CDRWs Work GREAT…What I do do now is use a CDRW as a CDR…When its Full n I’ve Transfered the Files I Format it n use it again…A Lot Easier in my Book n No Probs…Direct CD was far the Best in my Book…Yesterday I formated All my 30 CDRWs & 10 DVD-RWs n will now use em as a normal CDR or DVD-R until Full…Give it a try