InCD greates 170kb cd-rw

I am running Windows NT 4.0 SP6. I have a problem with the InCD software. After formating, it creates a 170kb disc with o free bites and I get a writing error when I try to click and drag, or copy and paste to the drive: Cannot Copy File, Access Denied. I upgraded to the latest version of Nero and InCD. I have no problem at all with the Nero burning software. Does anyone else have a problem in using InCD with windows NT?

optmax is having the identical problem at InCD creates a 170kb cdrw (same thread name). The only difference is that he is using Win2000.

Since WinNT and Win2000 are so similar, this may be a bug related to those operating systems. You may want to join the other thread to see if we can find a fix for it.

Thanks Inertia,
I read through one of the fixes as discribed by pcbugfixer about changing settings in Administrative tools, Services. But I do not have Services folder in Administrative Tools. I cannot find CD-Burning COM Service anywhere. There is a SERVICES in the Control Panel, but it is not located there either.

The advice that pcbugfixer offered was specifically for WinXP.

If you read my last post in the other thread, you will see that I reported that someone claimed to have found a workaround for this problem.

You could try the advice and see if it works for you.