InCD error

I’ve got an Optiarc 7173a writer and when I try to format a DVD-RW with Nero InCD v5.x.x.x, I get the following error:

Drive is already in use.

I’ve closed all non-essentials processes, but the problem remains.

PC config:

ASUS Striker 680i
Core2Duo 6700
2GB OCZ 1066MHz
2 RAID 0
ASUS Geforce 7800 GTX

Any idea? :confused: :confused: :confused:

You might need to disable the built-in Windows CD burning software. That’ll be My Computer & right click on the drive & properties. It’s the Recording tab. Ensure that the "enable CD recording… " is unchecked.

I don’t use InCD as I have a pathological hatred for it so I don’t know for sure about this but it must be worth a check.

Thx 4 the suggestion, but I 'd unchecked this already.
I tried Drag-to-Disc (included in Easy Media Creator 9), but when trying to format a DVD-RW I get an “unexpected error” message. Could this be related to the chipset (680i) or the drive (Optiarc)?

Roxio’s Drag-to-Disc is more likely the problem. Use both Roxio’s and InCD’s cleaning tools to get them out, then install one or the other.

Certainly you’ll have problems trying to run these 2 together.

BTW I think DragtoDisk is by far the better option of the 2.

Thx 4 the suggestions, but I already tried did before. I know that installing these 2 programs together means problems. It was already like that way back and it hasn’t improved.
I installed Nero + InCD in Vista and guess what? Works like a charm. It must be a driver problem I guess as Vista incorporates already a driver for the 680i chipset.

If I were you I stay away from INCD which nothing but trouble and has been since day one. This procedure some time work on CD burning but seldom on DVD.