InCD/DVD-RAM, & drag and drop etc

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I am VERY much a newbie to any of this. I have read various threads pertaining to my question here, but am still not completely clear on all of it so (in relatively simple terms if possible) would like any help others can provide.

I have purchased a Sony DRX-820UL-T drive for use with Windows XP Pro. It will be used for a variety of purposes, so to avoid discussion about what I will use it for I simply want to know and what would be best for this or that… is it possible to use DVD-RAM like a floppy/hdd while keeping it formatted as UDF WITHOUT any packet-writing software such as the provided InCD.

I ask since it seems to be a shared feeling that the UDF format provides some unique benefits vs. fat32 BUT so many posters here seem to prefer to avoid software such as InCD if possible. How does one get the best of both worlds?


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There are patched DVD-RAM drivers (Panasonic ones) for UDF.

Fat32 DVD-RAM support comes with xp.

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I use a hacked Panasonic driver, to write to my DVD-RAM using UDF. And yes, with UDF you can still use it like a big floppy (drag’n’drop),

chef is right, XP supports FAT32 natively, so if you can’t find a link to the Panasonic driver, you can still use that. :wink:

With the RAM driver mentioned there is a format utility to format to UDF 1.5, 2.0 etc.

This will not work with Roxio’s DragToDisk installed as even if it’s not running the drivers installed by it are running & grab the device.

This may well be true of InCD as well. Haven’t tried it as I won’t have that pile of s**t on my systems. Just be aware there may well be a problem should you install it.

Once again, outstanding. Really. I appreciate the answers.