INCD/Drag To Disk Problem 52x24x52

My Lite-on 522452 Cdrw no longer works with INCD. I insert disk, it says it is formatting it, and after format it says the drive is empty and it can’t see the disk. I reinstalled INCD, same problem. Then I installed Roxio Drag to Disk instead of INCD and it won’t work either. The burner still burns regular Cdr’s. Anyone got any idea if this is a software or hardware problem and what to do about it?

Usually a media problem, what are you using? Tried new media?

I was using Sony CD-Rw’s and switched to some Memorex disks. Both are 4X mulitspeed and neither work. They do work, however, on my second computer that has a Lite on 52x32x52 drive. After the problem started I upgraded the firmware on the drive but that did not help. I’m thinking of reinstalling it in Windows XP Pro to see if that makes any difference.

This is a common issue with all packet writing programs. You can try uninstalling InCD. Also do a full registry search and delete all refrences to any of the packet writing programs to get a clean uninstall. As always, backup your registry before deleting.
Then do a full-erase on the discs, then start over after re-installing InCD