INCD doesn't work with Win 64 XP?



Hi all, this my first post here :slight_smile:
Does anyone have or has heard of problems Windows XP 64 bit has with INCD?
I did have it working on the new computer with the above OS 5 weeks ago, but for some reason nothing I do (and I’ve done a lot) will alow INCD to work for RW DVDs.

It can read the data on the disk, but won’t write any.
It always shows the disk as fulll.
Nero works fine for other media - in so far as I can tell as I’m not willing to write once and waste more disks.

My long term goal was to archive my video (on tape) and other 70’s - 90’s media to DVD+R. But first I need to organise my data and RW disk seem to be the ideal bucket to move and arange large chunks of my data, without being cluttered up with read only DVD’s that will probably get duplicated in part again.

I have reinstalled so many times - I get a welcome back greeting from Nero.
Incd says the thing is not compatible with my OS - but that is just a lie!

I susspect the automatic updates have done something to prevent INCD from working. So first, if someone is using INCD with the new Windows 64 OS then that theory is out the window :slight_smile:



Have you unchecked the “Enable CD Recording” box for the burner. Could be that XP’s inbuilt burner is clashing with InCD - which I refuse to install on my systems btw.


TimC wrote
>Have you unchecked the “Enable CD Recording” box for the burner. Could be >that XP’s inbuilt burner is clashing with InCD - which I refuse to install on >my systems btw

I got Nero OEM with this AMD dual core 3800 processor computer.
I’m also running a 7800 gt nvidia video card, on a GA-K8N-SLiF2 motherboard.
All done to replace my 6 year old computer which for some unknown reason is now performing outa its skin - wonder if it knows it is about to be replaced?

I removed the Lite-On DVD and installed it on the old computer (OC), and it ran immediately upon the reboot exactly how it doesn’t on the new computer (NC).
The Enable CD Recording is unchecked for both.
How I want this to work on the NC is for INCD to format the DVD so it can be used just like a large floppy drive. The lastest version of this is 4.3.12 and takes less than 15 seconds after inserting the DVD to placing files on the disk.

The OC doesn’t have any video inputs only video out the NC has both. But I’ve still to get any video input or output use with the thing; another problem for later.



Actually everyone I know with AMD 64’s don’t use Windows XP 64 as there seems to be a shortage of available, compatible drivers - so I’m told.


This OS is available for a free download for a limited time so I’ll probably go with XP SP2 when my trial expires. ; (
I really like this to work as the 64 bit OS will be the future for new OS’s.
Currently I feel very protected from everything, including everything I wanna do!
But the OS does work, or ill get it to work even, if I have to take some high powered remolddeling tools (Blow torch) to the thing.