InCD does not detect formmatted discs

I am using InCd version 2.21-20010605 which is bundled with Ricoh MP7163A in Win98SE.

First batch of cdrw = Lead Data 8X-10X worked with no problem.

Recently bought A1Gold 2X-12X; HP 4X-12X ; Imation 4X-10X
after formatting with InCd, discs 2X/4X-12X are not detected by InCd : no disc in drive !
Only discs labelled ?X-10X were detected. My conclusion is either InCd or Ricoh works only on cdrw of ?X-10X.

Is there a workaround to control read/write speed in InCD ?
Will InCD version 4 detect discs formated with ver 2.21?

Your advice and comments please.

OK, InCd is working, Ricoh MP7163A is working, the none working part = my brain ! :a

On reading closely, Ricoh writes to CDRW in 2X,4X and 10X. No wonder Ricoh ‘refused’ to detect cdrw of 12X and above. Shame on me, Regards to all.