InCD Disc Serial Number



I noticed that every time I insert a disc formatted by InCD v4.3.14.1 the serial number of that disc is different.
This happens on several Windows XP Professional SP-2 and Windows 2000 SP-4 machines running InCD.
Inserting the same disc into a machine that runs DirectCD (Drag-to-Disk) shows a consistent serial number.
Nero’s tech support said that they don’t know why this is happening.
Can anybody else confirm this behavior?

See attachment (screenshot of the results of the DIR command when the same disk was inserted and then reinserted).


Confirmed. One disc, ejected between checks.

Volume Serial Number is 018F-32D3
Volume Serial Number is 018F-A582
Volume Serial Number is 0190-161E



Thanks for checking this out. As I suspected, it is InCD that causes this. Normally I would not care but this causes a problem with software that tracks media based on its serial number.
I am new to Nero so I don’t know how receptive they are. I was not encouraged by their initial reply though:

Dear xxxxxxx,

we generate a new disc serial number each time a disc is formatted (as part
of the UDF specifications) not each time a disc is inserted in the system.
There may be something else that attributes a specific disc serial number each time a disc is inserted in the system, but I do not know what.

Best regards,