INCD demo available?

I’m trying to determine if Nero and INCD are going to work for me. I’ve downloaded the latest demo version of Nero and have been using that but I also need to be able to format and use CD-RW discs like large floppies. I need to know whether or not INCD will work for me on my HP 750c, XP Home edition and HP CD-writer CD16b. Unfortunately, the Ahead website provides INCD downloads that can be installed only if I have a purchased version of Nero. I want to be sure the whole software package (Nero/INCD) works properly on my PC before I purchase. Does anybody know if there is anyway to get a demo copy of INCD? thanks.

I dont think a Demo version is available for INCD. you need the original full nero to get it to run.

Go to above link and download your copy of INCD.

You indeed need to have Nero registered before you can use InCD. Here are some links to help you:

Gen. InCD Info
Supported Writers