InCD creates a 170kb cdrw


InCD: v3.24.3
OS: Win2000 SP2
CDRW: Memorex SixteenMAXX1040

Every time I (re)format a Memorex 650MB cdrw with InCD it produces a 170Kb disc whith 0 bytes free which can not be written to (Access denied).

Nero v5.5.8.0 (re)formats and writes to these discs without problems.

Anyone else had anything similar?

I only bought a licence for Nero today (and mainly to use InCD) do you think I should ask for my money back?

TIA for any help

Use the latest versions for XP in win 2k and check the settings, other posts re Nero and InCD 3.24.3

If you have any other burner software installed like DirectCD, etc. Un-install those before you install Nero and InCD.
Both installed on one OS will cause problems.

Drivers for what?
There are no later drivers available for my cdrw drive (that I can find) and haven’t I got the latest Nero and InCD?

There is no other cd burning software installed.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled Nero/InCd logged in as Administrator and no other software eg anti-virus, firewall running but to no avail.

I still get 170kb cdrws under InCD but they reformat to fullsize under Nero.

Corrected my post, meant “Versions”
OK, what I think you are saying is, that when formating a CD-RW with InCD, you only get 540 +/- Mb size.
If this is the case, then yes thats all you get, difference is for overhead for FAT, etc.

Then there is the issue of, as posted for XP, I think it is the same issue for NT/2K, when it does not write the files onto the CD.

As posted for XP,

IN SUMMARY fixing this problem: Before or after installing Nero and InCD.

  1. Go to “Administrative Tools” -> “Services” find the “IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service” entry, Right mouse click for menu then Left click on “Properties” While in the ‘General” tab, goto the “Startup Type” and chose “Disabled”
  2. Then untick ‘enable CD recording on this drive’ to do this, right click your CDRW drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer. Select properties/recording and untick it.

Trust this will help you.

Thanks for your input but…


When formatting with InCD I get only 170KB (sic KB - Kiliobytes) with 0 bytes free.

There is, I think, no IMAPI CD burning Service in Win2000.

It is unexplained why the Memorex CD-RW can be used with Nero but not InCD, but I would still suspect the media.

When the CD-RW is formatted for packet writing with InCD, a framework is laid out for very small packets of data. When writing in Nero, no UDF formatting is done.

I would speculate that the Memorex CD-RW might be right on the edge of usability, working for now with Nero but unable to meet the requirements of the burner for packet writing with InCD. The fact that the burner and media are both labeled Memorex means nothing. Memorex makes neither of them and they could easily be incompatible.

I would try another quality brand of CD-RW media to see if it formats properly with InCD.

I seem to remember a similar problem with the Samsung 208F and Samsung 208B CD-RW drive. It required a registry change for w2k systems.
I would contact Memorex in case there is or it needs a firmware update.
Also contact InCD (Nero) with this problem. If you can’t, send me the exact details of the Memorex (Ser. No. etc. Software installed for CD and versions, etc) and I will contact them for you. :wink:

There have been instances of this problem reported for WinNT and WinXP as well as Win2000. As these operating systems are similar, something is probably going wrong in the installation that is causing InCD to malfunction.

One WinXP user in an AOpen forum claims to have fixed the problem by uninstalling Nero and InCD. He then reinstalled earlier versions of both programs. Finally, InCD was udated to the latest version, but Nero was not updated to the latest version.

If this works for you, there may be something in the latest Nero update that is interfering with InCD with these operating systems.