InCD conflict

After a clean install of InCD on XPpro with 11 Media Player.( Antivirus was disabled during install.)
I’m getting errors:

“OpenHtml.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close…”

'The wrong volume is in the drive. Please insert VolumeINCD into drive D:"

(a formatted INCD is already in the drive)

I’ve used InCD for years now with my existing cd drive on XP home. The difference from when I began to see the errors is the new install of XPPro, and new install of itunes (of course with Media Player)

Note: Ahead/InCD does not show up under my programs list. It does show under ‘InCD’ under add or remove programs.

I’ve heard Media Player can cause a conflict. (hasn’t conflict w/itunes been resolved with ver. ? I tested SpywareDoctor by turning off settings and don’t beleive it to be the problem. As well, I think the problem to be between itunes and InCD since they both won’t close now when I go to shut down.


'InCD properties under My Computer
‘Drive supports MRW read ‘Yes’’
‘Drive supports MRW write ‘No’’

  • with the MRW Format greyed out (regardless of whether a disk is in)

  • when I do right clicks on the cd drive my whole system locks up.

  • itunes has almost stopped loading, almost locks.

  • I’ve contacted Nero support at nero but have yet to hear back.

I remember on my prior system (Xp home) there was a known file I went in to delete & which did put a stop to that conflict at the time, on the prior version of itunes - but cannot recall which file this was.