InCD causes printer installation

I have a problem…

When I insert any cd into my cd drive my printer software reinstalls itself.

How can I get this to stop?

Do you have two optical drives, or just one?
Is there perhaps a CD in the other drive?
Are you using Deamon, Alcohol or other software that creates virtual drives?

What I think harley2ride is getting at is true, what do you have that incd can ping, and that information would be valuable to try to assess the problem, but the fact of the matter is, incd (or any packet writing software like it) is problematic by design. Depending on your use, it might be best to get it to work, knowing it will interfere with other things (as you might not use those other things).
These kind of packet writing programs have to constantlly ping devices any time there is activity to see if you inserted an incd type disk. That means that if you are burning a disk, and incd detects new activity, it might try to take control of the drive, and even though it probably wont get it, it will crash the burn.
I am just wildly guessing here, but I’m guessing that cd activity causes incd to go searching for incd devices (drives that contain an incd formated disk). It doesn’t just search your drives though, it searches through all channels and all devices. thats the problem with any kind of packet writing software like this. It pings your printer (and or the port it is on), and causes a disruption (as is typical for packet writing software), and the disruption makes the system no longer recognise your printer (just for a moment), but that moment is enough for windows to see it as a new device, and detect what it is, and try to install it.

I’m really guessing here, but maybe incd has settings to let it ignore a particular device or the port it is using (I have no idea if this option even exists, but it would be cool). I wouldn’t install it on my system to test it, but do you see any settings that seem to follow those lines (again, I don’t know that these settings exist, I’m just guessing at a fix).

I actually have Daemon on my computer so that could very well be the problem.

I actually use it so I don’t want to uninstall it.

I can try to play with the settings to see if that works!

Thanks for the tips!