Incd And Windows XP



i use Ahead InCd to copy my files. The problem is WinXP sometimes can’t read my RW-disc. I have the UDF reader installed. the scene is like this:

the cd was inside the drive, when i reboot my system, windows cannot detect my drive, (shit!)

In windows, i open the cd - drive tray, inserted the CD-RW, windows take a long time(about 1 minute) to read the disc, sometime even more, when i don’t want to wait anymore and eject the disc, windows does’t allow me to do that, so my disc stucked inside. Sometimes the disc can be ejected, but windows cannot recognize my drive letter anymore, i need to reboot.

Please help! :o


Hi !
I wonder if you can find this helpul -> InCD/DirectCD - warning


I C. Packet writing sounds good, but it causes a lot of craps. Good things seems not perfect, this is very true in our life, huh? :a

But i will wait and try a better one, because packet writing is toooooooo useful!

thank you Boskin


InCD is crap. Use DirectCD (latest version). I have had no probs with DCD but InCD has given me hell lot of probs.


Is DirectCD a shareware or freeware? Because i am on budget to buy extra RAM to play games, haha.


DirectCD is a part of EZCD.

It comes bundled along. You cannot get it separate.


Ok. That sounds cost more $ to get DirectCD. I’ve got nero, and very happy with it. But i’ll try
EZCD as well. Maybe two burning program in one PC :stuck_out_tongue:

Incd is functioning quite good in my Win98se, but in XP, it causes more shit than i expected. I’ve already lost some important data by using InCD