INCD and Samsung SM-352B - can't eject CDRWs


I can’t eject my cdrws! :o :confused: I have to goto my computer or the context menu of my Samsung CD Combo to eject the cdrws after they’ve been accessed, or written to. Otherwise if I hit the eject button on the cdrom it locks up the OS and won’t eject.

Also after a packet write each disc has a hidden 0 byte file called ‘Non-Allocatable Space’ on the cdrw, is this right?

I’ve tried formattin to MRW as well, but the same issue happens.

And I keep seeing the drive is in use by INCDSRV all the time, when trying to do speed tests etc, as if INCD is locking the drive.

Writing and deleting to them is fine and the data seems reliable, and all other normal cdr burning functions work flawlessly.

Will an update to INCD 4.1 solve this issue eject issue?
And a firmware update? Im currently using T805.

System Asus a7v, win2k sp4, 512mb ram
Samsung on ide2, plextor 12/10/32 on ide1 both on master.

I’m using Nero and INCD

I know this is a software issue, as it also happens if I put a cdrw into my older plextor burner as well.

btw I use to have Roxio directcd on this OS, but it had been completely removed b4 installing Nero. I wish I had stuck with it now :frowning:

Pls help, tia…

Well seeing as no one wanted to reply :a I updated to INCD 4.1 n updated the CDRom’s firmware to T807, and now its all working perfectly :bigsmile:

However I’m still seeing this non allocatable file on each CDRW. I guess its just the way INCD formats the CDRW’s?