Incd and Mt rainier

I received my drive and i’ve installed nero and incd, first thing i’ve done is to try Mt Rainier.
So i’ve launched incd and put a cd-rw in my drive then i’ve format it and when i’ve opened the explorer (under win2k) i received an error sayng to put a cd inside the drive
Where does the problem comes from?
ps: i’ve not flash it (liteon 40125S) and nero says the drive supports Mt Rainier


You connect your drive not to the IDE-ports of the mobo,right?
I’ve had the same trouble when connecting to my promise-controller.Then I changed to mobo and everything works fine.

No everything is on my mobo, i don’t think the problem is from this part

I too am having problems with InCD and Mt. Ranier.

I’ve tried the latest InCD (3.37) and then tried an older 3.31, but I still get a failure when writing to the CD.

As I only have one 12x CD-RW, I am unsure if it’s the media or not. My Memorexx 48Maxx (now 52/24/52) came with the 12x media.

I can use Nero to write at 12x to the disc, but I’d much rather have Mt. Ranier/InCD support.

Anyone have any ideas?

some details now,tell me something about your system.
My drive is a Traxdata Jupiter(Lite-on 401248S) and it work’s perfekt with W2K.:eek:

I tried it with IN CD but it was not reliable. I would put files on the CD at home. When I looked at that CD at work, there were no files on the CD.

I gave up and went back to using XP’s built in CD writing feature. It isn’t as elegant as Mount Rainier but it is reliable.

Perhaps NERO will make IN CD work reliably in the future but right now I can’t depend on it.

you need a mt.rainier reader to be able to read the disc

Boomboomroom, why would you jump to the conclusion that I didn’t have a Mt. Rainier driver or viewer software at work? :rolleyes:

ok, my bad…