inCD and Mount Rainer inquiry from newbie



Hi People
I am using cdrw 4x with an LG cdrw drive ( its the lastest model 52x)
I used sonic record now ( roxio) to backup my documents folders
and in the options I choose Mount Rainer , then I put the same disc in again and backed up some other data with Nero express 6 this time and after clicking on more> info , I saw { wpc/ean code this disc has not mrw format }
so how can I format Nero 6 is there a patch for Mount Rainer from Nero ?
Or maybe its not compatable with my LG burner and if this is the case how can I get it to be compatable with my burner ?
I heard its suppose to make inCD work better or it takes the place of inCD
I am not sure what it really is but I know its good to have for cdrw dvdrw :iagree: