Incd and lost data

Hi all. I had a problem with my computer a few days back and ended up having to re-install/format.before I did this I backed up all the importand files/downloads that I wanted onto cd using ‘Incd’ from nero.I have ‘Incd’ version and nero ver 5.5.Incd aparently makes your cd into something like a very large floppy disk. now i have my computer working I cant access these files because of something to do with well…look for yourselves :-

Dear Customer,

You are currently trying to read a disc in the Mt. Rainier format (CD-MRW).
You are seeing this message, instead of the contents of the disc, because
your system currently does not support the CD-MRW format.
To enable you to add CD-MRW support to your system we have developed a
complimentary software tool, the InCD EasyWrite Reader.

To download the latest InCD EasyWrite Reader just visit our website at

You can also install the InCD EasyWrite Reader provided on this disc by
clicking here.

Your Ahead Software Team

I have done whats asked of me by going to both links but still the same message.anybody else had this or know a solution.


p.s. ive tried uninstalling the reader and re-installing it.also i tried luck.

How frustrating. Discs written with packet writing software such as InCD and Direct CD can be rather vulnerable to problems, not least as one problem during a packet writing session can leave the entire disc unreadable.

Unless you absolutely need ‘drive letter’ access - that is treating your CD or DVD writer like a large floppy - you get a more robust result using mastering software (like the main Nero program), as you don’t need special software to read the results. Discs written using the main Nero program and similar should work on any drive that can read the media type you’ve used without any special software installed. This is true even when using rewritable media - you can always erase the rewritable disc to use it again, though the only thing you can do is to erase and reuse the disc - you can’t erase files selectively unless you’re using multisession (which can bring its own problems).

Anyway, that’s advice for the future - for now, you want to try to get at your files on your existing discs if you can.

Are you using the same drive as you used to write the discs to try to read from them? Did you ever read back data from your InCD discs before the reformat successfully? Is it just one disc, or several discs? If you’ve reinstalled InCD, can you format a new disc, write some files to it, remove it, reinsert it, and read back the files? Have you got a separate reader on your computer - and if so, do the discs work in that rather than your writer?

What happens if you uninstall the reader program and install the version of InCD you were using (having both InCD and the reader installed simultaneously is almost certainly unwise)? I can only find InCD for download now; I don’t know whether or not that needs a Nero 6 serial number to work.

If you can’t persuade InCD to work, there’s two versions of the reader to download at - I suspect EasyWriteReader.exe is for InCD 3 and EasyWriteReader4.exe is for InCD 4. I’d try them in that order - the one without the 4 in the file name first (uninstall InCD and any other versions of the reader program before trying another).

This is just what occurs to me - maybe someone with some actual experience of your situation will be able to help, especially if you provide more details of your setup (especially what version of Windows you’ve installed, also the make, model and firmware version of the writer).

For the future, I suggest you write all important data to CD in ISO format using Nero. If you have a DVD writer, choose whichever DVD format works for you (I tend to use UDF for all my data DVDs - I only need read compatibility with Windows 2000 and Windows XP, and UDF frees me from the 2GB limit per file, so I tend to write all my DVDs as UDF rather than ISO or UDF/ISO bridge).

Consider using the arguably more robust write once media for files you don’t want to lose, ideally checking the discs in a separate reader, and, if the data is important, making at least two copies. You can always archive the discs - even decent branded CD-R media is pretty cheap these days, whereas lost data is often irreplaceable.


Thanks David but after trying what you suggested I still get the same message!

Had the same problem has you did,

If you uninstall the easywrite Cd, and then re-boot, it will work fine,


i have the same problem.
i have win98SE,and LG burner bundled with nero express.
i have about three cd-rw disk ruined by incd.all the data
is intact on the disk.i can only view it with software like "Isobuster"
which is a great software.the best i’ve seen so far.
it’s not free it cost $25 dollars to get.eventually i
will buy it but for now i can wait.

p.s i hope this help you.

Hello. Just catching up with the problems listed, as I have had problems the same as starbuckkid. Same OS and I have found isobuster did confirm the files I now want to access. I tried the various suggestions but no luck. Any other ideas out there. I dont like the idea of having to pay for all these little bits of programs like isobuster, as i will be broke the way it goes. Any help greatly received. I did drawings (per Acad) of a 1/3rd sized steam loco and thought I had safely saved it. Now cant get it back with many hundreds of hours - useless. Thanks.

Hi and Welcome!

apart from “InCD isn’t a good idea to store important things onto an optical disc”, I can only add that Isobuster is the most powerful tool for data recovery. That said, the 30$ (or so) isn’t a bad investment if it helps retrieving the work of hundreds of hours, isn’t it?


Hello Michael.
Thank you. Since my last post I managed to access one DVD disk after reading somewhere that a reader was within Windows Media Player. I opened the disk from WMP and once I saw the contents I did not move from there and transfered all off it to HDD sucessfully. Still the one DVD is not accessable. Michael sorry but I am retired and finance to me is a big thing. It cost enough to buy the burner originally and it has been the software that came with it. I have upgraded etc as I went along.
But now reverting back to the original software disks and reloading to see if that will help.
Thanks for your input. Ken


Fine :clap: But the WMP thing is confusing for me :wink:

Still the one DVD is not accessable.
That’s bad. I am not sure about the capabilities (or restrictions) of the TRIAL version of ISObuster, it might help you to retrieve the data if the trial period is not expired.

I am retired and finance to me is a big thing.
Admitted. But keep in mind, cheap discs are too expensive;)
It cost enough to buy the burner originally and it has been the software that came with it. I have upgraded etc as I went along.
Top avoid such trouble in future, don’t install InCD and don’t use the multisession option (should be something like “allow to add data later”). Haveing the latest updates installed isn’t really a bad idea. Going back to the original version won’t help.

Another idea: Is there any chance to have access to other computers in order to try to get the data off the disc?


Hello Michael.
Many thanks for your explanations and advice. Very much appreciated. I have as of now purchased Isobuster and now will try and locate the the files from the disks. I have my fingers crossed. Kind regards, Ken.