InCD and apix.vxd bsod

Having slaved away all day trying to get my new Plextor CD re-writer (PX-W2410A) to work with Nero and InCD I’m hoping someone here might be able to help me out.

Windows ME happily recognises the drive when it’s connected to the USB 2.0 port and installs the drivers.

Installing Plextools lead to errors with apix.vxd which I couldn’t get around. Plestor told me the Plextools wasn’t really necessary so I’ve given that a miss.

Installing Nero leads to two problems. Nero couldn’t run with my wnaspi32.dll. I upgraded this with the aspi drivers v4.7 (aspi_v470.exe) from the Adaptec website as advised by Plextor. This seems to keep Nero happy, however InCD causes a bsod due to an error with apix.vxd on start-up and I can’t get around this one.

Can anyone help me out? … please!


…check the properties of APIX.VXD (\windows\iosubsys), it should be “4.60 (1021)”. The 4.70 ASPI is an update for XP & Win2K (& NT, I think) only, the Win9x files remain the same but the dates are different. ASPI 4.60 is still available from Adaptec’s website - grab it and install again.

You should have Adaptec’s WNASPI32.dll in \windows\system AND you might also want to have the ahead WNASPI32.DLL in the Nero sub directory - these are different files and will screw with the Adaptec ASPI file set if they are mixed around…

Note: XP users, you can get away with just the ahead WNASPI32.DLL for Nero & CloneCD. XP uses the “Pass Through” interface. ASPI 4.70 is known to have issues with some systems.

Thanks for those helpful comments.

I have Adaptec’s apix.vxd v. in the windows/system/iosubsys folder

I have Adaptec’s winaspi.dll v. 5.7.1008 in the windows/system folder

I have Ahead’s winaspi.dll v. in the Nero folder

InCD is version 3.28.0 and Nero is

The situation I have now is that when the computer boots InCD loads automatically (not sure how to stop that happening) and invokes a bsod with the apix.vxd error. I can return to Windows ME with a key click and after that I can run InCD from the Start Menu and it seems to be running fine. Nero now also seems to run without any error messages.

My initial apix bsod is irritating but is it doing any harm? How do I stop InCD running at bootup so that I can run it from the Start Menu when needed? If indeed this is a good idea or would you suggest something else?

Thanks again


Originally posted by markfelton
The situation I have now is that when the computer boots InCD loads automatically (not sure how to stop that happening) and invokes a bsod with the apix.vxd error.
Bummer. It was actually a nasty nero problem, with my first burner that got me onto this whole thing. I’d like to say that I was born with a Liteon around my neck but it was a damn Ricoh with a Samsung chip (uuuggg). I’d rather be buggered than let some crystal wristed, custard ankled software application best me.

Now, go read the tool tips on the nero CD or on the ahead website (, I know every word backwards. Windows Media Player installs an Adapatec (Roxio) pluggin that played with my system, it may be doing the same with yours. Look for rogue .VXDs, they are listed in the nero tool tips.

InCD should not cause probs at startup (mine hasn’t for nearly a year, hehe), go to Start/Run and type msconfig [Enter] - far right tab, and uncheck InCD in the list.

No-one, and I use that term loosely, of course, uses Me (well, they might, but they don’t admit to it). Make of that what you will. Check the ASPI links in the Sticky Posts, pinned to the top of the topic list in this Forum. One of the sites tells you exactly, which OS needs which ASPI files - I think Me needs three or four rather than the two we’ve talked about. I use XP Home, Pro, 2K, 98 and 98SE. I tried Me but gave up :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again.

Having disabled loading of InCD at start up through msconfig I can subsequently run it immediately afterwards from the Start Menu without a problem.

Nero seems to be completely happy now, so is InCD, I’m burning and re-writing CD’s without a problem so now I’m happy to!

I wonder if the day will ever come when computers just work