InCD Access Violation

tried out Packet Writing but InCD 3.37 dumps with DrWatson log after install/reboot - c0000005 (access violation)
Doesn’t get as far as install completion (sh’cuts)
W2k (SP.0) Mitsumi CR-4804TE
Any ideas/suggestions apart from don’t?

InCD 3.37 is known to have problems of this sort with WinXP, and maybe with Win2000 as well.

I would try uninstalling v3.37 and downloading InCD v3.31, which is stable and works well in WinXP and Win2000.

Let us know your results. :slight_smile:

thx I - looked a good suggestion – but no difference …
[PHEW you really had me on the edge of my chair on that last reboot …]

Try the fix at Application Access Violation or Hang After Applying SP4.

SP4 of course applies to NT4.0, but the same problem occurs with Win2000. Let us know if this works. :slight_smile:

well another good’un but no - it’s still Groundhog Day
(quite a few entries in this key already for other apps)

… just seen some ref here to BurnAtOnce - worth a go ?

Burnatonce is a great little program and well worth a try (it’s freeware too, btw). However, although it can do multi-session cds, it’s not a packet writing program.