InCD 5

Following the recently publicised problems with InCD versions later than, I was rather pleased to find that I was no longer getting errors with the latest version of InCD5.

I thought it was too good to last - a quick check showed that it hadn’t worked as expected.

With previous versions of InCD ( and earlier - can’t comment on later versions which refused to work on any PC/laptop I looked at) when a file was copied (ie when using ViceVersa) the file retained the timestamps from the original file, now, all the file timestamps are set to the current time. This has the unwelcome result that when doing a comparison, the copied files do not report as the same version of the file.

Has anyone else had this problem and/or know how to deal with it.

Windows XP pro SP2

Hi neil01,

If you search this tread you will find that many people avise not to use any version of InCD. If you have a DVD-RAM burner use it, it is much more safe and error prone.

I have, many times. I am well aware of the problems with packet writing software, but unfortunately I have been unable to find a suitable, or practical alternative.

Yes DVD-RAM would be a solution I would use, but only if it were a standard fitment to a computer like a CD currently is.

I do not, or never have accepted the arguments against using the likes of InCD, for the simple reason that in my case, the checks and fallbacks I have needed to put into place for safety have been far less onerous than the advantages gained by using this type of software.

To be honest, most of the problems I have experienced myself, or seen elsewhere have been attributable to the media rather than the software.

Hopefully, someone will be able to identify the reason for the problem, and whether there is a solution, other than waiting for another patch.