InCD 4 extremely slow?


I have used InCD for 4 years. I originally used the InCD v1.71 supplied with a Teac W58EK 32\8\8 CDRW drive and it was excellent and consistently fast on a P3-800 running Windows 98SE.

I have upgraded to a P4-3GHz and a Pioneer 108 dual-layer DVD writer. I dual boot with Windows XP and Windows 98. I can’t install InCD with Windows XP because it prevents XP being able to read DVD-RAM discs.

For regular backups I have tried booting in Windows 98 and use InCD from there. I use media such as Princo 4x-10x (80 min\700Mb) formatted with UDF 1.5. However, the all version 4 releases of InCD that I have tried have been extremely slow sometimes. I am currently using InCD version

Example times:
38.1Mb file (30 seconds, fast)
42.9Mb file (6 minutes, slow),
146Mb file (12 minutes, slow).

146Mb is 20% of 700Mb. 20% of 80 minutes (1 speed write) is 16 minutes, so at a minimum of 4 speed write it should only take 4 minutes to write.

I have killed all memory resident active monitoring programs such as ZoneAlarm, Antivirus, Scanner Monitor, Printer Monitor, USB modem driver etc. while writing but this write speed variability still occurs. It even happens after the disc has been freshly formatted.

The hard disk that the data is being read from is an ATA100 Maxtor 80Gb drive.

It is also interesting to note that InCD constantly polls settings in the registry (found using SysInternals Regmon program) and its error log %WINDIR%\incd\incderr.log contains memory buffer overflow examples like this:

e3687430 04:11:07 17:28:28:00 e=2001. SCSI error: (Op 2Ah (WriteMmc10) => os=
2 ÓÒÑÐÿò ¤W a
Can InCD 4 be trusted?

Funnily enough, when InCD is installed the Nero InfoTool crashes on load.

Can anyone explain why the write speed is slow and how to fix it? Also, how do I get Nero InfoTool to work when InCD is installed?

I got InCD with a new drive and haven’t had much chance to experiment. I found that 25 MB drag drops to a CDRW took an excessive amount of time ( at least 5 minutes ) The same file using copy/paste took less than a minute. Haven’t had chance to see what the problem is.