InCD 4 Bugs

In the past I was quite happy with InCD 3.52.40 together with Win98SE.
What I basically need is packet writing on rewritable disc only, and InCD comes exactly in the picture.
Now I switched over to WinXP SP2 and need to work with DVD, hence InCD 3.52.40 is not suitable anymore, I tried InCD that supposedly can handle all rewritable disc, from CD-RW, DVD±RW up to DVD-RAM without additional driver. Cool!!

Unfortunately I got following annoying bugs with it:


When ejecting a DVD-RW disc, even with nothing done, just insert and eject, InCD will come up with two pop-ups before ejecting as follows:
“The disc is currently being written. It will eject soon, when the writing is finished.”
“Writing data to disc. This should take less than 3 minutes”
That does not happen with DVD+RW nor with DVD-RAM.

When inserting DVD-RW formatted in other system, the PC may crash with BSOD that among other says:
STOP: 0x0000000A (0xBAD0B0BC, 0x000000FF, 0x00000000, 0x804E35E9)


There is a 0KB file in the root directory called “Non-Allocatable Space”
When Googling I could found many webpages about it, but so far I cannot find any solution.

Do some of you have similar experience and found any fix?
Thanks a lot.