InCD - where is this version?

Looking at Nero’s site, the version’s history refers to version (dated April 2006) and indicates the changes from, but the download link points to this last one and Google only returns the change log pages.

Is there someone that knows how to find it or if it was ever released?

Ahead’s people could give a firm info, if looking at his forum, and if that’s the case I would appreciate any info about compatibility problems affecting DVD-RAM formated by Panasonic RAM driver used under InCD, and vice-versa.


Maybe it takes a few days updating their site.

I can’t find any reference to older versions on the home page. It looks like all you can get now is Nero 7, which I don’t want until they fix it.

If you go to this page at Nero’s site you will find the InCD release notes, including the version referred in my first post:

but when you go to this one, the available downloads point to a lower version number - roll down and look at package 3:

As you can see this one is dated March 31st and is indicated as from April 6, so a long time ago and no download available.
It doesn’t seem to be a matter of site update, and the new is said to solve an important bug related to the use of external drives.
As you say strachan, version 7 appeal is not that big…at least for the time being.

It’s nice to see Nero it’s watching forums related to their products and give consumers the necessary help/clarification.
It can look as a minor prob but the said patches could (?) solve one main inconvenience I have at mom - it is impossible to stop an external drive as soon as InCD is used.

“The mistery on an announced release that never shown” - too long for a title but appropriate for a drama?