InCD is released

I’ve also submitted a news item on this. I’ve no idea what has changed (can’t find any release notes) - but InCD has been released today, 17 February 2004. It can be got from


why will the new version (4157) not let me intall it. i have nero installed which came with my liteon drive and i can install the previous version 4100 fine.

what can i do


I was able to log on as an Administrator in Windows XP Professional, uninstall InCD, reboot, log on as an Administrator, install InCD, reboot - and it worked fine.

If you don’t reboot each time it’s suggested, I suppose that may be the problem. What is the precise error message or symptom that the new version has not installed?

I am, however, using a full serial number for Nero 6 - bought online - so I’m not using an OEM version.


Even with the latest release, InCD does not work correctly with my LG 4040B burner using a DVD+RW Ritek-branded disk. Although it formats the disk, it will not allow writes to the disk and Properties says that it’s a UDFRDR disk.

If I take the very same disk and look at it with DirectCD (Drag-to-Disk) everything is “tickety boo”. The disk type is correct and I can read and write to the DVD.

I’m a great fan of Nero Digital in the new release, but I’m afraid InCD (at least for me) is a bit buggy.

Have you got both InCD and Drag to Disk on the same system? If so, that’s never going to work - the two will interfere with each other.

If you’re going to install packet writing software, you should choose one package and one only.

Of course, it’s possible that you’re talking about two different machines - but you still have a problem. UDFRDR isn’t a built-in file system in any version of Windows I know of - certainly not in Windows XP (the built in UDF support is simply UDF in Windows XP).

On my working InCD / Windows XP Professional SP1 installation, InCD discs are recognised as INCDFS in my DVD writer, and as UDF in my DVD-ROM (it seems that Windows XP’s built-in UDF file system is used when an InCD disc is in the DVD-ROM - on my system this is a change from InCD

A bit of Googling suggests that UDFRDR is part of some Roxio software - so it sounds as if you have one of Direct CD, Drag to Disk or a Roxio packet reader program installed on your machine. If you uninstall InCD, reboot, identify and remove the Roxio program, ideally reboot again (all these changes change some fairly low level things in Windows to do with the filters on the CD/DVD class) , then reinstall InCD (and reboot again!), I suspect InCD will then work.

If you’re unsure what is going on, using a registry editor, take a look at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} - particularly what is in UpperFilters and LowerFilters if they are present. On my machine, which has just Nero, InCD and Feurio 1.67 installed, I’ve no LowerFilters entry, and UpperFilters is simply “InCDPass”.


Originally posted by DavidW
[B]Have you got both InCD and Drag to Disk on the same system? If so, that’s never going to work - the two will interfere with each other.

Hi David…

Well that could be, but I was forced to uninstall Easy Creator 6 and B’s Clip in order to install the latest version of InCD.

I still had the same problem. No problems at all using InCD with CDRWs. Just the DVD-RW disk.

I think you will only get conflicts if you have both packet-writing “processes” active at once.

I have decided to just use EZCD 6 for packet writing.

Nero Digital is just great for putting MPEG 4 video on CDs!

Thanks for the reply.

any ideas to my above problem anyone?


Looks like the latest version of InCD (v can only be installed if Nero 6.x is installed on your system.

is there no way I can install it on top of my nero OEM ver or on top of the latest demo version?

also why have nero sudenly now decided to stop allowing people such as myself installing the latest INCD?



InCD requires a serial number, so installing with a demo version of Nero 6 is out of the question. It’s the only part of the entire Nero 6 suite that isn’t in the demo version.

As for a version 5.5 serial - I think Ahead have pretty much decided that Nero 5.5 has reached the end of the line - there are drives for which there’s no support in (like the NEC ND-2500A), and no signs that there will be another 5.5 build. I hadn’t realised installed with a Nero 5.5 serial.

It’s frustrating, I know - but if your 5.5 serial is not accepted then I suspect your only option is to upgrade to Nero 6 if you want to use the new version of InCD.


Thanks David, looks like I am stuck with INCD 4100!