InCD & Lite On Drive 24102B Problems

I have just installed windows xp on a computer with a lite on drive 24102B & incd, It started giving problems as soon as I tried to use a CD-RW. (this cdrw was formatted and used in win98 using incd with no problems) Some of the files on this disk became corrupt and I don’t know why? Is there any known issues between win xp and incd If so are there any solutions? BTW are there any other “free” packet writing programs out there?

Packet writing software works in such a way that can lead to corruption of the filesystem.

InCD is in continuous development - Ahead announced version 4.2 at CeBIT, but, at the time of writing, is the latest released version.

There’s no “free” packet writing programs out there to my knowledge. Ahead, Roxio and Sonic all offer packet writing software, but they all require you to have their writing software bundle.