InCD 4.0.56

I’m a new user of Nero and InCD as well and have a InCD question.

When I installed InCD I was not surprised that InCD wants to startup automatically when I boot my PC, seems like every program wants to do this. So my question is, do I really need for InCD to be running (in SYStray) all the time? I’m thinking that I only need InCD to run when I want to format/erase a disc in INCDFS. Is this correct?


Not many use incd anymore due to the probs with it with lost data…to answer your question though = yes you can keep it from starting and just start it up when you want to write or whatever.

You might read the sticky at the top of this forum before trusting this software.:wink:

Thanks for the “heads-up” about packet writing programs. A While back I installed DirectCD and found it to be very unreliable, uninstalled it.

Before I installed InCD I made a Ghost image of OS “just in case”. Anyway, so far InCD has worked much better than DirectCD and have had no problems, even when I removed from SYStray.