InCD 3

I’ve just been reading all the problems with InCD 4. Is there still a problem?

I currently have InCD 3 which has been working fine. However it only recognises my CD writer and not my new Pioneer 106 DVD writer.

Are there any versions of InCD 3 which will regognise my DVD writer? If so where can I find a copy?

No it wont recognise your Pioneer DVD 106. I have a Pioneer DVD 106 myself, and it doesnt recognise a CD that has been formatted with InCD packet writing software.

It will only work in burners supporting the InCD format. For eg. if I format a CD-RW in my Liteon 48246S using InCD, I can use that same CD-RW in my Liteon 52327S, or even a Liteon 52246S.

If InCD 3.0 works fine, then use it and stick to it.

Yes but what I meant is that I want to write a DVD-RW with InCD.

InCD 4 can write both DVD-RW and CD-RW. I was wondering if any versions of InCD 3 can do this also.