InCD 3.52.24 Recognizing NERO on Install



I did a complete uninstall of NERO, used their Clean-Tool, used RegCleaners, and manually edited the registry for any remaining traces of Ahead, Nero, and InCD.

I installed and solved my posted problem of not being able to burn a 2.88Mb boot CD image. Not sure if I solved the “no space” problem yet.

Now I wanted to install InCD v3.52.40, the last version of InCD that worked for me. It won’t install because it doesn’t recognize NERO. I receive the error below.

If I install the InCD 4.X version, it recognized NERO, and no problem on install, but none of the 4.X versions work on my system.

How can I install InCD v3.52.40?

Thanks for any replies!



InCD doesnt work with demo versions of Nero.


For others benefit, you cannot install InCD 3.X when you have uninstalled NERO completely and then installed NERO 6.X.

You have to “upgrade” back to NERO 5.X, install InCD 3.X, and then re-install NERO 6.X.

A hassle.