InCD 3.51.61 UDF Version

Anybody knows, which UDF version (1.02, 1.50 or 2.01) InCD used, when doing disc formatting ?

UDF 1.50 according to its help; also Nero|Recorder|Medium Info says UDF (Mode 2) for a non-MRW disc (nothing for CD-MRW).

PS: On my boxes, the help in InCD 3.51.61 doesn’t work at all, and C:\Program Files\ahead\InCD\InCD.hlp behaves strangely. You may download the InCD manual from Ahead (both the help file and the manual are outdated).

Thank you for your help, KCK !

And so UDF (Mode 2) is equal ver 1.50?

Maybe you know UDF version, that WinXP and W2K have native support?

I’m interesting in because some ppl can’t read pure UDF discs(without MRW) on WinXP system until then install EasyWriteReader …

P.S. Sorry, my English is pure …:confused:

XP with Service Pack 1 can read non-MRW discs formatted by DirectCD and InCD. Otherwise install the latest version of EasyWriteReader from, not the one included by InCD on a formatted disc.

Only with Service Pack 1 ?
I think that with out too, but … see up

I think UDF 1.50 was mentioned in the MS announcement of SP1; anyway, back in August I couldn’t read InCD discs in my DVD-ROM without installing EasyWriteReader.

Thank you, KCK !
I found that article from Microsoft Knowledge Base :;en-us;321640