InCD 3.28 under Win XP

Having managed to get packet writing using InCD operational by changing from Memorex to Samsung CD-RW disks, I now find that after saving subsequent edits of the same couple of files from the hard disk to the CD several times, the rewritable CD is suddenly designated read only, and of course InCD will then no longer write to it. Any ideas on what’s going wrong?


Have you disabled the (IMAPI) burning service in Windows XP ?

Thanks very much indeed for the prompt suggestion. I had disabled it initially (ready for installing InCD), but I then reset it to manual. I let you know whether it works!

Further reply to G@M3…

Unfortunately, even with IMAPI CD-Burning COM service disabled, the same problem of the disk being changed over to read only still arises after saving to it a few times.

I’m sorry I don’t know what could be causing the problem… If I find out anything I’ll post here. Maybe someone else knows??

Thanks very much for your continued interest G@M3. I have just found out from an article by Keith Sketchley ( saying that DirectCD has exactly the same problem (Keith’s article also has a number of other very good points of general interest re CDs).

He mentions that one answer is to reset Windows, and I’ve found that this does work, but is clearly only a workaround rather than a solution. So it seems two of the most popular CD-RW packet writing writing programs effectively have a bug that causes this read-only problem. Perhaps it will be cured in future upgrades. However, as mentioned, Ahead Software (InCD) rarely respond to technical queries from users.

I had the same problems with packet writing software under XP… Fortunately I have three drives that support the Mt. Rainier format which works a lot easier than [acket writing. But of course this doesn;t help you. As of yet I haven’t found a solution…

Thanks for passing on the interesting possibility for the future G@M3. My CR-RW drive is 2 1/2 years old so obviously out of the running. However, it’s worth bearing in mind if I decide to replace it at some stage. In the meantime I’ll plod on with the resetting and watch out for any news on InCD updates.