InCD 2.09 problems

Here’s my system specs:

Athlon 800 KA7 Abit board w/ 256 pc133 sdram
HP 9310i burner
Win2k Server w/ SP1

When I install incd 2.09, I can no longer access my zip drive. Every disk I put in tells me that it needs to be formatted. When I reboot the machine with a packet cd in the hp drive, when it gets to the “preparing network connections” box, it hangs for a bit and then immediately reboots the machine and does it all over again. If I take the disc out I can reboot normally, but, the zip drive is still inaccessable. Removing InCD has fixed the problems, but, since I’ve been waiting for this to come out for months, I’m hoping I can resolve these issues. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Thanks!!


once incd is installed w/the nero 5.5 preview
the mp3 conversion process during burning gets screwed. The error msg is the mp3 plugin is missing.

Hope they fix it in the final release.

I installed the ahead udf driver at work and sure enough, the zip drive no longer functioned. They DEFINITELY have a problem with zip drives once the udf subsystem is installed. I seriously hope they fix this asap as it’s a great product except for the bugs. So, if anyone else experiences this problem, know that uninstalling the offending program(incd or the udf driver) will “solve” the problem. Good luck!

all is fine on my machine, could be that all my drives apart from zip, which is internal ise, are scsi.

that shoud be ide, never could type

Fascinating. Both machines I’ve had problems on are running Win2k Server SP1 and have ide drives. One machine has an internal zip 250 and the other has a usb based 100 zip drive. When I install the udf driver or incd itself, neither machine can access the zip disks…it just tells me that they need to be formatted. Taking the driver or the incd software out fixes the problem. I’ve yet to get it to work and I have NO idea why this is happening.

I have the same problem with the install of Nero’s IN-CD. I have an Iomega int. zip 100 scsi drive, yamaha int. CD-RW scsi drive. I have found that if i right click on the zip icon and then click on open i am able to use my zip drive. i am using windows 2000 , i had a friend install it in his windows 98 PC but it locked up his computer and also his zip 100 usb did not work untill he uninstalled IN-CD…

Has anyone tried the new version yet to see if it solves the problem? If no one has, I’ll do it this weekend sometime after backing up my machine and see if the latest version fixes it. Thanks!

I installed Nero’s “IN-CD210UP.exe” and it did not change anything for me, i have found if i go into windows explorer i am able to use my zip and floppy their. see if it does the same for you…

Windows Explorer is exactly where I had the problems before. I’ll play around with it tomorrow sometime and post my results here.