Inadaquate Lite on customer service

I have a 5005 and was very pleased with it till some problems started. The more I used the machine more problems were showing up. I called Lite On customer service and was recomended to upgrade the firmware. The problems continued and I placed another call to costomer service. This time they said they would email me to rectify the problem. After a week with no email I called again with the same reteric. After reading a lot of posts on this web site and a few others, it seems that a lot of people have problems with their machines and they are trying to solve their own problems. It seems like the definition of customer service to Lite On is to placate the customer with trivial diagnostics and maybe they will go away. I hate to rattle this cage for fear of never getting an answere to my problem but I feel a need to write the corporate office and extend my feelings to them.

I posted a couple comments last night about a problem with non-approved media. I just got off the phone with tech support at LiteOn and they insist it is just about using recommended media.

My biggest confusion is why all the stuff worked okay for months using just one particular brand of media (which still works okay in my PC and players), but no longer in the LiteOn. So I’m not lost on anything except what was not finalized, so I’m feeling less despair. It seems like if it was the media brand all along, it wouldn’t just stop working, now every single disk of this brand blank Or recorded comes up Invalid.

And that didn’t happen one single time with that media.

The LiteOn person could not explain this at all, and didn’t seem to know much more about this than I did, and thought the downloads/upgrades would have fixed it, which they did not.

I am just paranoid about investing a bunch more recording using TDK or another approved brand (Costco just started selling these in 50 packs at my local warehouse) – what is to say this won’t happen again to me?

[Also, when I read these threads, it looks like several people have had the upgrade process fail or even more catastrophic, just totally hose up their recorder? This is also kind of scary. (I don’t think I need to hack yet, I have a SIMA CT-2 and I am not that concerned about the 3 hour or region stuff at this point).]

If anyone has any idea on why this would happen (I could see in the middle of a batch or intermittent problems), please email me or post a reply. THX. Sorry to be so ignorant on this stuff.

Raised Grain,
Try going directly through their email support (rather than by phone). Although they are slow to respond, they eventually did so and gave me some pretty reasonable service. Tech’s name I worked with is John. Although he didn’t have all the answers he tried to be helpful by seeking them from other Techs - where possible.

Mary T,
I can’t explain why, but I can tell you that you’re not alone in what your seeing with blanks. And, it isn’t confined to just Liteon machines either. If you probe around you can probably find some one that can explain why it happens.

Region can be hacked with the remote, no need to monkey with firmware for that one.

sorry unrelated to forum but you’re not mike walsh that went to rpi by some chance?
(i guess there’s lots of walsh folks.)

I was thinking about emailing but thought dealing with a person verbally would accomplish more. I was wrong wasn’t I? Thanks for the input.

Since I haven’t been able to figure it out what RPI might be, I very much doubt it. But, hey, it never hurts to ask.

Dont bother with 'em. I had lots of problems with LVW5007 audio thru the internal Tuner, and they gave me lots of rhetoric. I t took 2 units and a lot of my time, to prove they have a prblem they cant explain.
I took my 2nd machine back to Sears…I had enough
Get your money back

I will never by another liteon product I had a 5005 and the sound just dropped out on it at times. I updated the firmware same issue threw another dvd player on the tv and it worked fine, I called tech support and waited 40 mins to talk to a tier 1 tech, She said that I had covered all my bases and the unit is probably defective and said that she had to talk to her supervisor after another 10 mins she said that a tier 2 tech would call within 48 hrs. I waited the 48 hrs and no call. Finally I called K-mart and the manager said that he would replace it for me and the new player works just fine. To this day I have not received a return call from liteon! (40 days) I have been building PC’s for many years and always used liteon products but I will not install another liteon drive or suggest it to my customers! Your loss Liteon and my gain I take care of my customers. Seems to me Liteon that you have a lot to learn about business and the importance of taking care of your customers they are your bread and butter. I hope that management is viewing this post and can forward it to a vp or someone that can do something about this type of problem. It’s not like you are an isp and have outages at times that drive the cues up! A 40 min wait is BS in my eyes and I would rather give my money to a company that supports their customers.

I was told it was all about my stupidity with not going with the “right” media, there’s a rub now, so I called and asked about speed and disks and was told TDKs from Costco were Grrrrreeeeeeeeaaaat. TDKs would be just great and Memorex just sucks was the Word from LiteOn tech support.

I am now into my spindle of TDKs and have been unable to load very couple of them (maybe 1 out of 3 Fail), now I am trying to reread the onces that “worked” and if they are finalized they work in my other players, but as happened with prior media choices, they Fail, even if they have never been in any other player or anything, so there is not anything introduced by some other PC or player or recorder.

In other words, this entire exercise for months has just been one big hassle and the media they recommend didn’t do baloney to help. Same message FAIL.

The supposed effort to update the firmware for this particular problem seems silly. The thing was brought to market before it was tested and working as I keep reading these forums a lot of other people have recorded a lot of stuff that they also did not finalize and have thus LOST.

I was so dumb I actually threw out the box after about 6 weeks thinking everything was hunky dory and with less use over the holidays etc I am now late after buying this in October on wanting to RETURN it to Costco without the original packaging.

I’ve had enough, this is absolutely ridiculous, I’ve tried 5 different types of media, and updated the firmware, and the unit is NOT RELIABLE. Are you people checking out if your recordings PLAY in the unit you’ve used to record it?

Is this a bad unit – or is it the LiteOn standalones in general?

Now I am stuck with wanting this technology and capabilities and the price is not the issue, so if anyone has a Good recommendation and Really Knows, Please help.

I just want it to work, and I am not trying to do a lot of fancy stuff.

OOPs I left out an important detail, I called LiteOn to inquire specifically about the TDK disks from Costco and they said the faster [the spec] the better which is the opposite from the TDK site statement. In other words, TDK implied you need to buy older slower media for compatability, not the other way around?

Can a guru confirm this? I would like to understand this for future media.

I can’t think we’d want to have to buy Old media as our recorder ages also?!?

Mary T. Now i’m not a guru but i know a good picture when i see one and it seems you aint got one! The discs i’ve used have been 100% successful when played back on the Liteon.none of which were on Liteons recommended list.Imation+r 8X. MAXELL+R 1-4x, mITSUBISHI 1-4x and even cheapo ‘mr,dvd’+r…none of the buggers work on my other dvd player,so my problem is the other way round to yours. If your discs wont play on the machine you’ve recorded them on then take it back,or are you out of the years guarantee? Everyone recommends Panasonic. i reckon one that records in dvd-r mode would be more compatable with everything else.Either that or everyone else has to catch up with Liteon! all my home videos are now transferred and safe in hands of Liteon and the +r format. Dont,anybody,think when you’ve transferred them that you can wipe the tapes because it’s gonna end in tears. Guess you need more technical info than this but i tried to help. . Also,anybody out there who thinks the Liteon is faulty because
your recorded( on the Liteon)discs wont play on another player.then your gonna have to go out and get a new player that will play+ r discs and then the Liteon will suddenly be the best thing since sliced bread! treat it as a basic record and play machine and dont expect anything else because you’re gonna be disappointed. :(Mary T Your machine is just plain faulty,i’ve not seen this problem anywhere else or on any forum.Sorry I cant help more.