Inaccurate free space estimate

I’ve got a Plextor PX-W4824A ( 2 sheep ) drive, a box of blank TDK 800Mb CDRs and CloneCD. The problem is when I try a disc copy CloneCD tells me that my 800Mb CDs in fact only have about 100Mb available. Is it down to CloneCD, the Plextor or bad CDs ?

You’re using 90 minute CD-R’s? It could be that your Plextor drive doesn’t recognize these discs, or the drive is detecting the wrong size. Which firmware does your Plextor drive have installed? Firmware 1.04 adds correct identification of >79 minutes media.

Another question, why are you using 90 minute media and not standard 80 minute discs?

Also, have you installed Alcohol software? It’s known to cause some problems with media detection. See this thread for example.

Thx, the 1.04 update did the trick.

As to why I’m using 90 minute CDs, well…because they hold more data than 80 min ones…:slight_smile:

Duh, yes I know that :wink: I meant that people normally use CloneCD to duplicate game CDs which are normally not larger than 80 minutes… Sometimes people look at the created images files and notice that they’re 800MB or so and (wrongfully) think that they need higher capacity discs. So that’s why I asked :wink: Good to hear that your problem has been solved.