"Inaccessible" files when copying files CD-ROM -> CD-R

Hi Guys.

I keep a CD full of things like driver updates, latest virus definition files, shareware registration codes etc for easy access and rapid reinstallation’s of Windows (not that I ever have to do that of course !!), which is updated periodically.

I usually use a CD-RW for this, but because the disc gets bashed and generally abused I back it up onto a new CD-R every now and again as a safeguard.

I used to use EasyCD Creator for this, but since my new recorder isn’t supported yet, I’m stuck with (but getting used to) Nero. In the past, I would put my original CD in my CD-ROM drive, a blank in the recorder, and simply drag and drop the original files into the browser window, update any files with new replacements as necessary and burn. No problem. But with Nero, I get a great many errors when verifying as “Inaccessible file: xxxxxxx” about 3/4 of the way through. Using a seperate utility to verify the disc, these inaccessible files weren’t actually burnt onto the new disc in the first place, or if they were, they are simply zero byte files / entries in the TOC.

I have two workarounds for this, but none are ideal and I’d like a proper solution as to why some files seem to get “locked out” - there seems to be something in having nested directories or directories with large numbers of small files, but I can’t really see a pattern and I am not breaking any rules regarding depth or file numbers in directories.

Anyway, here are my workarounds.

Copy all the files onto a hard disc as a copy and paste and then burn from the hard disc instead of the CD (so how is that any different from reading of a CD, I ask you ?!)

Do a straight disc copy, in which case I can copy from another drive OK but have to make any changes to the material seperately since I can’t use material from the original CD and say put on an updated driver saved locally in a temporary folder on my hard drive.

I have also noticed that my hard disc assigned as E (which is actually the same hard disc as my D drive but partitioned as two drives on a 70 / 30 split) sometimes becomes inaccessible when using Nero and the volume label becomes “Local Disk”. None of my other drives, including my CD-ROM / DVD drive is affected by this, and it clears immediately on exiting Nero. I am using the current version (as supplied with a three week old Yamaha CRW-3200E, so it’s pretty current even if it’s not cutting edge) on a Windows ME platform.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why Nero seems to have problems handling my drivers CD (and others, by the way, it doesn’t like the CD’s I use to archive my digital photographs either) when EasyCD Creator 5 Platinum didn’t ? My workaround involving copying the files onto a hard disc first is more of an un-necessary inconvenience than a problem, but I’d like to know why such a simple procedure is such a problem for Nero.

Any ideas / thoughts welcome.



I had some dreadful set-up problems with Nero. It is worth combing the tool tips on the CD or on the ahead website.

There are a bunch of rogue VXDs that should be deactivated by changing the extension to VX_ …the underscore is important because burning proggys will ‘see’ the VX_ as a potential but inert problem.

Tool Tips has a great list of other compatibility problems. It’s not the fault of good software developers like ahead & herr Kastl that there is a lot of buggy crap out there; add in Microsoft’s disregard for an ASPI interface and it’s a wonder that most things work most of the time.

Umm, did I help?

Sure, that’s as good a place to start looking as any ! Thanks for your input.

To be honest, I’m not surprised that’s your suggestion - I’ve had to rename numerous files in the past with other applications and replace the odd DLL with older versions on occasions too, and since I used to use EasyCD Creator it wouldn’t surprise me if something got left behind from the uninstall (with all due respect to EasyCD Creator, I had nothing but trouble with it since Roxio got their hands on it, and I can’t say I have a lot of faith in their uninstaller based on my experience with them, although I’m probably in the minority !) or “tweaked” by their funky software.

I’ll give that a try and post back my findings in case it is of any use to the other users of the board.



OK, I’ve had a look at their online help but haven’t been able to find any reference to the renaming of any system files. Do you have the URL that you could post ? TIA.

On another note, upgrading has been a bit of a disaster (hey, it was worth a go, right ?). Fair play to Ahead, though - I’ve also upgraded some Symantec products recently so that could be the problem, having mailed both Ahead and Symanted and not yet received a reply I thought I’d mention it here too.

My Yamaha CRW-3200E came with Nero IIRC and I’ve recently installed the new version (as of 27th Jan) via the upgrade / demo version path. Now my system seems to have lost the ability to read UDF discs on every drive bar my writer !! All I get now is my CD-ROM label turning into “CD” (regardless of that the label of the CD really is), and an empty directory claiming 651 Meg of used space (regardless of true disc capacity).

OK - here’s what happened between me being able to use UDF discs on my multi-read CD-ROM and my DVD-ROM drives and realising this ability had been compromised:

Nero + InCD upgrade for Mount Rainier installed, everything ok.
Nero SVCD / MPEG 2 plugin installed. (from here, anything could have happened !!)
Norton Utilities and AntiVirus 2001 UNINSTALLED
Norton Utilities and AntiVirus 2002 from SystemWorks 2002 Pro INSTALLED
Latest Nero upgrade applied - no UDF reading noted at this point.

Uninstalling everything and reloading as per my original setup has made no difference, and I appear to be stuffed !

Any ideas ?

Thanks, Guys.



Tool Tips page for drivers is 139.htm; d/l TT & install, find the page on your HDD to view.

I binned all my registered Symantec products…NAV & NU. They do not look after your system as well as advertised, particularly if you play with them (like any software I guess)

The trick is to change only one thing at a time. A fresh install can take a week to give yourself time for checking stability. Ummm…you could start again…