In windows all RW medias as DVD-ROM?

After install of Autopatcher for XP, Nero can’t write on RW medias and Nero CD-DVD Speed report RW medias as DVD-ROM. It’s so strange.
If someone have solution for problem, let’s share it with us ELSE > /dev/null ;-))

Do you have Alcohol or any other virtual drive software installed?

Thanks for sugesstion. It was Alcohol_120_v1.9.6.4719, with previous versions all was corect. :bow:

I had a horrible feeling Alcohol was involved. Glad it’s fixed :clap:

I had a problem like that too, turned out it was cause I had upgraded Alcohol 120% to v1.9.6.4719. Uninstalling it and reintalling my older v1.9.5.3823 fixed the problem.