In-Wall Cable Install for TV

quick question for anyone that knows…

i’m buying a new lcd tomorrow finally and im going to be mounting it on the wall, heres my question:

If i want to run all of the cables IN THE WALL down to the tv stand where all of my components are, do i need to do anything in particular? I’d be running 2 HDMIs (cable & dvd) and a set of components (Xbox360), and then the tv power cord down as well. Do i need to shield these inside the wall at all or can i just run them down, in and out of the wall?

i know a true install would put a power source behind the tv and then run down but i really dont want to do that yet… my overall plan right now is to just cut 2 holes in the wall and snake the cables inside… any issues with that?

Thanks for the help in advance!

I’ve seen a professional installed my friend’s TV without cable shield and it’s just fine.

Your runs are very short and I can not see you having any problems.


Running the power cord inside the wall is against Residential Electrical Codes.

As long as you are aware of that & ok with the risks associated.

Check with a local electrician for more information.

You can run the power up from the basement and get those little plastic covers fro Home Depot to cover the wires.

no basement… oh well, i think ive decided to just run a cable cover up the wall and paint it the same color… it’ll be a lot easier that way… thanks for the help tho.