In UK - Audio Description wrongly recorded

Last night I set up my Samsung DVD-SR150M to record Chicago on BBC1 Freeview (UK digital TV service), with a 5 minute buffer at the beginning.

When I checked the recording this morning, there is no sound at all through the end of the weather forecast and up to the start of the film and then there is a voice describing what the film is showing with none of the sound track.

I assume that this is ‘Audio Description’ of which I have heard, but I have no idea why it should have been recorded like that. Can anyone suggest what I have done wrong?

I can see nothing in the manual about it.

What it seems like is that the BBC channel carries a second sound track, a feature more common digital satellite broadcasts, such as to give the option of different languages. When you set up the recording, check if there is an option to change the language. For example, it gives two options, even if two English options, try making a test recording with one and then the other to see which gives the soundtrack and the dubbing over / editor’s comments.

One page in the manual worth checking is titled “Setting up the Language Options”, which is page 31 of their online user manual.