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Below a very interesting article about breast cancer.
Since I am all for reducing the risk of breast cancer, I volunteer my apartment for women to do housework…applications can be sent to me through PM or e-mail :wink:

Housework can help you to beat breast cancer, women are told

David Rose

Doing housework can cut substantially a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, according to researchers.
A study comparing the beneficial effects of different types of exercise found that moderate housework had the biggest obvious effect.

More than 44,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in the UK every year. Last year 12,400 women died from the disease, most in their postmenopausal years.

Previous research has examined the link between exercise and breast cancer in postmenopausal women, but this is one of the first studies to include a large number of pre-menopausal women.

Experts recommend that women exercise for 30 to 45 minutes five times a week to reduce their risk of breast cancer.

The study, part-funded by the charity Cancer Research UK, looked at a range of activities — including work, leisure and household occupations and chores.

The pre-menopausal group doing housework spent, on average, 17.7 hours a week doing it while the post-menopausal women spent 16.1 hours.

Pre-menopausal women who did housework were found to be about 30 per cent less likely to develop breast cancer than pre-menopausal women who did none.

Meanwhile, post-menopausal women who did housework were found to be about 20 per cent less likely to develop the disease than post-menopausal women who did none.

The researchers analysed data from 218,169 women from nine European countries, with an age range of 20 to 80 years.

They followed the women for an average of 6.4 years, during which time there were 3,423 cases of breast cancer. The average age at which the disease developed in the participants was 47.6 years for pre-menopausal women and 65.6 years for post-menopausal.

All forms of activity combined was found to reduce the risk in the post-menopausal women participants, but had no obvious effect in the pre-menopausal women.

But the researchers found that all women, both pre-menopausal and post-menopausal, who undertook housework had a “significantly” reduced risk of getting the disease.

The research, published in the January edition of the journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention, concluded: “In this large cohort of women , . . increased non-occupational physical activity and, in particular, increased household activity, were significantly associated with reduced breast cancer risk, independent of other potential risk factors.

“Our results . . . provide additional evidence that moderate forms of physical activity, such as household activity, may be more important than less frequent but more intense recreational physical activity in reducing breast cancer risk in European women.”

The authors noted that housework was one of the “main sources of activity” for women living in these countries. Lesley Walker, Cancer Research UK’s director of cancer information, said: “We already know that women who keep a healthy weight are less likely to develop breast cancer.

“This study suggests that being physically active may also help reduce the risk and that something as simple and cheap as doing the housework can help.

“Cancer Research UK’s Reduce the Risk Campaign recommends that men and women take regular exercise and maintain a healthy body weight to help prevent cancer.”

. . . Alternatively, just let your feet do dirty work for you

Scientists have come up with a novel tool for those who hate housework — shoes that do the vacuuming as you walk.

Designers at Electrolux believe that the shoe system, called Dustmate, will allow people to do their vacuuming while walking around the house.

The green shoes are composed of two parts — a rechargeable base that contains the vacuum engine and an elastic sock that holds the user’s foot in place. The base of the shoe features a semi-flexible nylon structure and a flexible rubber sole designed to ensure comfort while walking. The shoes are also fitted with a laser movement sensor that switches the vacuum on and off.

A spokeswoman for Electrolux said: “Dustmate looks like a pair of trendy sports shoes. As you walk, the base of the shoes collects the dust on the floor.”

it’s just been on the news here, sounds good to me, anybody want to make sure their extra healthy?