In the market for a SPECIFIC DVD Player (please read)


Simple problem. I have an old S-Video and RCA video input Analog TV. I have an Onkyo Sound system with digital optical inputs and DTS and Digital Dolby EX 6.1 decoding. 6.1 surround sound won’t work unless the DVD player or other input device sends the sound signal through digital optical channels (so RCA red and white plugs is not an option). So, simply put, I need a DVD player that can output video through S-Video (and have the Yellow Video RCA output as a backup) and sound through Digital Optical line (with RED and white RCA outputs as backups).

I stumbled upon the Toshiba SD-3109 DVD and everything sounded golden. Great sound and video, all the outputs I need…only one problem: it has a documented problem playing DVD-R and DVD+R media.

I need a recommendation for a player that can

  1. Provide S-Video and Digital Optical outputs to the TV and sound mixer
  2. Can play DVD-R and DVD+R media reliably
  3. Has a track record for quality in its video and sound reproduction and longevity / reliability in its construction.
  4. I cannot go with modern HDMI outputting DVD players because they will not be compatible with my Analog TV nor my Onkyo system. S-Video is the best my TV can do for video quality and Digital Optical is the best my sound system can take…so the DVD player must output that.

Ok, DVD Player Gods…render a recommendation :bow::smiley:

could really use the help guys…i’ve tried reading reviews up the yahoo and because most sites now carry the latest, component or HDMI DVD players or bluray players, it’s hard finding info on older S-Video / digital optical sound players. Could use the help of experienced DVD player enthusiasts.