In the market for a new disc quality scanner

So I have had a 708A, a DW1640. But the market has change a lot since then, and right now I have no idea which can scan nor which are reliable scanners.

So I am looking for a new one. Preferably PATA so I can retire my trusty 7200A in its enclosure, but if its SATA its no real biggie as it will then be forced to coexist with my other burners.

Any recommendations?

I forgot to add that I will be using DVDInfoProHD 5.02 or something to scan. Is is just as good or worse than Nero CD&DVDSpeed? Which other programs are out there that I can use?

After I did some research, the leading candidate for this position in my lineup seems to be the iHap 422 08 (w/ Lightscribe). Is this a keeper? Anybody know of a better one?

Since it has lightscribe, it will be used for those occasional burnjobs too.

Your BenQ DW1640 is already a pretty good scanning drive and you can use Nero CD-DVD Speed / Nero DiscSpeed for scanning.

For scanning DVDs (not CDs) any LiteOn DVD burner should do fine, including the iHAP422.

For scanning CDs, you won’t find anything better than your BenQ DW1640 combined with the Advanced Disc Quality scan in CDSpeed/DiscSpeed.

Thanks for the reply.

The BenQ was very good, indeed, but I had to retire it since it stopped working some time ago. I have been unable to find a new BenQ DW1640 to replace its sibling.
Only my Optiarc AD-7200A and my Plextor PX-850SA are still in service (still work/ haven’t been disposed of).


your AD7200 can scan, too. At least it’s good enough to recognise if a disc starts degrading or to compare burns.
For DVD, it might be not so good as a Liteon, but unlike Liteon DVD writers, it’s useful for CD scanning.