In the market for a new budget dvd burner need opinions



Hi im needing a dvd burner that will burn verbs really well and fast like at 18x! and make good burns. My burner i useing now is about to crap out on me i think its getting to where its not wanting to open by its self with out a little help so i figerd its time for a new one i used the heck out of this one any way :slight_smile: also on my other pc the burner just died on it and i been needing to get one for it but kept putting it of so if i can find a good one in the mid 20’s range with free s/h i will probly buy 2 of them. I was read about the 24x sony seems its a good one but i cant find it for less then $31 which that is on ebay if any one has some buners that they think will work good for me and in my price range plz post links and lmk thanks.


Where are you located (what country)?

Is your computer mostly PATA (IDE) or SATA?

NewEgg in the states, or NCIX in Canada are the best places to look for burner deals in North America.