In the market for a lightscriber/ripper

Help me pick a drive plz!!:bow:

1.Drive must have lightscribe (higher quality the better)

  1. high quality burner

  2. Would like to have a high quality fast ripper (to backup my bought dvd’s)

  3. sata would be nice.

as for #3 are their any lightscribers out that are riplock free?

again thx for any help:bow:

LiteOn. :slight_smile:

I have the (IDE) LH-20A1H and it’s a first-class (fast) ripper and also a great burner, though I use it mainly for ripping/LS. I’ve only LightScribed with it a few times but the quality is good enough for me and my Verbatim LS media. :wink:

Liteys aren’t riplocked, or at least the ones I’ve had haven’t been.

The LH-20A1L I believe is SATA and LightScribe.

I tried to post this earlier when the server took a dive, I love copy’n’paste :wink: