In the drool-slobber department:


Holy Shit Batman! :eek:

Aww, maximum order of 2, I need at least 5!

Seriously though, I wonder how many of these will be ruined by rich overclocker pillocks. You just know there’s going to be some melted silicone.

nice find rdgrimes :iagree:

I thought I heard Drpino drooling over that processor a few forums over. :wink:

you can hear my drool? ooops :o

I have noticed that people that like AMD do tend to drool and slobber alot.

hehe…ok not trying to start a flame war, just couldnt resist that one.

Practically speaking, I’m sure that one of the top-end X2 Opterons will come very close to matching the FX60, for a lot less money. But most of us won’t be trying either one very soon. :sad:

Can you imagine what the FX60 would do with a movie shrink if both cores could be put to the task? Even one core will beat most everything out there now. But with this you could do 2 movies at once. :bow:

Time for the software developers to get the lead out and give us some dual-core friendly stuff to play with.

I just read about one of these being benched at 3.3GHz.

Uh-oh, I feel a credit card vibrating in my wallet, better hide that thing…

Hmm, imagine a few of these on a quad CPU mobo or something like that.