In-Store DVD Writer

I know this may be a weird question for most, but I want to get a DVD burner, Im not too particular on the speed or any of the extra features. I just want one that works. The only problem is that I also need to get it from a real retailer, not a website(don’t ask). Ive been looking at Circuit City, Best Buy, Compusa, Walmart and even Target but most of the drives are usually at least $40 more expensive. Do you guys know of any good deals out there for buying a decent DVD burner from a real store, or should I just wait for Black Friday?


just wait for bf. you s/b able to get a benq1640 for $30.00 ar @ compusa. its the hival burner.

That would be pretty sweet. Ive done some research on all the best DVD burners, but in the end none of the real stores carry these or they are ridiculously more expensive than newegg. Thanks

i’m looking for a good top of the line double layer/dual burner can any boy tell me which is the best on the market now?

if there is any help for me email me at

if there is any help for me email me at

With no doubt a fist full of mail in rebates :frowning: They only take 6 months and 20 phone calls to get though. They should call that place Rebateusa. New rule of mine, if it is not an instant rebate I wont touch it. Don’t care what it is. Went through to much pain for a crummy $50. Was not worth it. Just go with newegg. :iagree: You got bucks to buy it at a store you got time to go get a money order. And I doubt you will ever see a brand like Benq in Rebateusa any time soon. They only have junk. They even stopped selling Plextor’s. Flame suit on. :iagree:

not only that, they sell OLD stuff! and at a premium :doh:

never shop there much myself anyway. there prices seem high to me compared to other stores.

I very much prefer buying locally but some items its not worth it. If you want a dvd burner locally, you are most liklly stuck getting a rebadge for twice the price. IF you do find a good price it will probably be with a bunch of rebates. Still, you never know what black friday will offer.