In short - what Burner does SD 3/4?

There is many threads that already covered this topic.
Unfortunately all just make recommendations which burner can copy what cd and what player is then able to play the safe-disk again.

Is it possible to say in short, which burner definitely does Safedisk 3 and which one SD 4 (verify-able with the sheep files) ?

Or are there still only “almost 3 sheep” burners out there in 2005 ?
That would mean, we still have no SD3-capable burner since two years …


PS: What’s the best deal for a `“almost SD3” burner if there isn’t yet any “full SD3”-capable one ?

If you look on the CLONECD web site, it shows recommendations for CD and DVD burners.

harley2ride, actually I don’t see any hints on clonecd site. Whether in support area nor in support. I remember someone posted an outdated list from clonecd… it showed clonecd-capable burners. But not, whether they do sd2/3/4 !?

There used to be one at one time. Here is a link with a list of recommended burners.

If you search this forum you will find reviews, and in the copy protection forum is information. Search google for sheep test, and there is a test you can run on your particular burner to see what it will do.

:slight_smile: Here is the Link to the cdfreaks forum’s sheep test. All of your information that you will need is here:

Here is a link to the off-line help files for backing up your software:

I also use discjuggler from padus for my safedisc games, because it can correctly read the pre-gap information:

And the thread on how to use:

I had nothing to do with any of these resources, just give the authors credit.
(Womble & alexnoe, $CyBeRwIz$ & gang and FutureProof - without you guys, i’d be buying the game 2-3 times. :slight_smile: )