In search of



What do you search for in life? Does your life have a better meaning than the current plane you’re on? Do you suppose there is some entity who’s manual you should be following or would you rather stay at individualism? Can you keep up with the search?

What do you search for?


All the basics in life…


At the moment? A bed, I need some sleep.


Screwdrivers … to haul out those pesky PCI/AGP cards.

But I’m happy … usually I find one :iagree:


my goddess and having fun searching lol


there is some old (chinise??) grudge/curse

“i wish all of your dreams will come true” - sorry for translation …

if u dont have anything to search … life dont have any sence …


I’m searching Princos.


Money atm I am afriad.


ok i’ll give the girlie answer…LOVE …damn it is that TOO MUCH to ask for …???


Me? Knowledge, greater understanding, a MUCH better job, the love of my life and the self-control necessary to deal with everyday situations and people in a calm and thoughtful manner.


My mind, has anyone seen it, I hear this happens when you get old.


It’s sitting beside your marble bag. Now if you can just remember where your marbles are … :wink:


…how to be as funny as Debro!!! ROFL!!! (Man, that remark above was HILARIOUS!!!)

By the way, a good quote to go with that would be “…it appears that I’ve got all his marbles.”–Dr. Leonard McCoy, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock


Just went and pissed, thats what happens after 7 beers, checked the ole marble bag while I was in there, nope no mind, still looking!!! Damn it Debro, you lied.


“From all ethernal things in the world … love is the shortest” :S


might be besmirch… but its something everyone wants…to love someone and to be loved




i guess i dont belive in love any more :S it 's more safe 4 a human … not to love some1 too much … beacause its realy dangures :X