In Search of Simple Audio CD Recording Software



My girlfriend was using burnatonce to burn audio cds with CD-TEXT on her computer. Now her laptop’s cd burner won’t do CD-TEXT with burnatonce.

Can you guys recommend some other small audio cd recording softwares that allow for CD-TEXT information? I don’t want a bulky application like Nero. Wanna keep it as minimal and simplstic as possible.

I tried programs already like Cheetah CD Burner, CDBurnerXP Pro, Easy DVD CD Burner, and Okoker CD&DVD Burner. Cheetah couldn’t do CD-TEXT, CDBurnerXP Pro couldn’t do CD-TEXT, and the other two couldn’t even burn audio cds!


Are you wanting to copy disc to disc, or burn an audio CD from music files (.mp3 etc)?

If it’s the latter, then Burrrn will do the job. For disc to disc copies, I have no idea.


She wants to be able to add .WAV or .MP3 files and make audio cds with them that she can play in the car stereo.

Also, the Burrrn homepage is down or it got deleted. Didn’t that freeware stop development in 2005? I think Burrrn is based off the same burning engine as burnatonce was.


Hmmm, I’ve created audio CDs with CD-TEXT successfully with Burrrn - and it should support both .wav and .mp3.

You’re right about the page being down :(…maybe try it again later.


I believe that if the burner doesn’t support CD-TEXT, no software is going to be able to put it on there.


Ya know, I started to think about that after I posted. Is there a cd burner database somewhere online that can tell me if the laptop’s burner supports CD-TEXT? I know laptop burners can be finicky.


I’m not sure. You could download Nero InfoTool .


Haha, good point smacks forehead :wink:


Just FYI, the Burrrn homepage is back up, and it definitely supports .wav and .mp3 - all it depends on now is the burner, as Cressida pointed out.


Hehe, does it hurt still? :bigsmile: :wink:

I’m only guessing it’s the drive though. :slight_smile: