In Search Of Cheap, Reliable DVD-R Burner

I have a 812S liteon that does well enough on DVD+Rs, I am looking for suggestions from anyone as to a cheapo but highly reliable dvd-r burner that can do me me proud when doing Kprobe Scans. I am open to any comments.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Pioneer drives seem to love -R. The NEC drives do pretty good on them as well.

Since you already have a LiteOn, the NEC-2500A or NEC-2510A are excellent writers. They write much better than my my LiteOn 812S and LiteOn 832S. They also write better than my friend’s Pioneer 107D. They are also sold under various other names, i.e. Offices Max’s “Mad Dog Dominator,” for example. You will need to keep your LiteOn for reading DVDs, using kprobe, writing copy protected CD’s.