In Search of a Good CD-ROM



I just got a dvd-burner for my system and it’s pretty damn good at burning, but it’s kinda slow when it comes to reading. so I’m thinking of getting a cd-rom, they gotta be pretty cheap these days. I’ll be doing regular stuff with it, like copying files, playing music and games. I know there’s a lot of hardware gurus here, so what can you reccomend?


are you looking for quiet/noisy, or just cheap?
Also, are you looking for something tolerable of backed up games with copy protection?


quiet and tolerant please…


Quiet… you can for sure exclude Lite-on then at least. Perhaps something made by Teac?


yea, my previous burner was a lite-on, very noisy…never heard of teac, I’ll look it up…

and how importat is accesstime vs. cache?


no one else?


This may be a stupid question, but why even consider buying a CDROM when a DVDROM isn’t much more expensive and more compatible then a CDROM?

You might want to consider a Toshiba (1912-series) or Aopen 1648 DVDROM. These are both pretty quiet, offer very good compatibility and tolerance etc etc. I especially like the Aopen drive.

And, if it’s still too noisy, there’s always an option of slowing it down a little, resulting in a lower noise production (but of course, some lower transfers as well).