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Hello, I have just purchased “age of Empires” gold edition 2004
part number X10-61186 (disk 1) x10-61214 (disk 2). As my son has no appreciation for the actual disc, I intend to allow him the use of a copy. I heard that clonecd was the best so I downloaded it, tried it and low and behold the copy did not work. The version of clonecd is
the operating system is xp, the cd burner is a LG GSA-4163B, I have upgraded the firmware and the driver.

Now, in easy to follow instructions, assuming that I know the difference between a mouse and a keyboard, how does one copy these disks so that they are (with the exception of the label) identical to the originals?

And don’t forget - English, and if you can’t - don’t. :slight_smile:


Did you use the search?

Try this:


Thanks, I did look in the help but found it rather useless. If anyone has actual experience with the original message please feel free.


Tried taking a look at The CD Freaks Offline Help yet?


Dear Grumpy

Age of Empires Gold Edition has no protection according to A Ray scanner. Therefore, if you are using Clone CD, I would suggest the following:

  1. Insert Age of Empires CD in drive to read it.
  2. Open Clone CD and click on left-most button… “Read to image file”.
  3. Select your CD reader drive where you placed the CD. Click next
  4. Select by clicking on “Data CD” profile and then click next.
  5. Give the image file a name ie AOE… you can accept the default location…and don’t select “Create Cue Sheet”…
  6. Click next and the image file will be created. You will get a mesage when it is done that the reading is finished.Now you will have to burn. Remove the original game disc and insert a blank CD in your CD burner ready for burning.
  7. Click on button 2nd from left…“Write from image file”…
  8. It should find/identify the just created file… click next
  9. Select your cd writer and then click next
  10. Choose write speed “Max”… “Data cd” profile should already be highlighted… if not select it… make sure “simulate writing” box is unchecked… and then choose OK
  11. The cd will soon be created and it should be a 1:1 copy. Enjoy!

Apologies for the English used grumpy, but there it is. Hope this helps you.


If there really is no copy protection on the disk then you should be able to use Disc Copier in Nero or Roxio to make a copy.


I guided him to the same place. :wink: